Burning Man Check List

This list was put together from our own experience in Burning Man.

Our objective is for you to have a good time and enjoy the uniqueness of parting in the middle of a desert. The issue is that if didn’t bring something, you are not going to have it. There is nowhere for you to buy anything. If you put a kit together, you will enjoy the harshness of the desert.

It is pretty epic when you find yourself, along with thousands of beautiful people an art parting in the middle of a 12 hour sand storm.

Ready yourself and enjoy.

  • Accommodations

    Take an RV or trailer, you will want a comfortable sleep. Take comfortable chairs, you will want to sit down and relax.

  • Food

    Take good and easy to store food. Keep everything protected and fresh.

  • Playa Cruising

    Take a bicycle. If you walk you won’t enjoy so much.

  • Clothes

    Beautiful, comfortable, creative, fresh (day), warm (night).

  • Health

    Water, sunscreen, limp balm, and skin moisturizer.